Games Like Harvest Moon

Top 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon

If you’re looking for a Harvest Moon-like game, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Farming Games Like Harvest Moon for you. Everybody remembers a favorite childhood game. Harvest Moon is a well-known game. Harvest Moon on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was the best farming game.

It’s still regarded as one of the best agricultural simulation games, and the majority of its sequels have likewise garnered high accolades from gamers all around the world. Harvest Moon, on the other hand, has a finite number of levels.

There are times when you become bored with a game and need to switch to a different game or series to keep your playstyle fresh. You’re in luck because we’ve got you covered from head to toe if you’ve been hunting for Harvest Moon-style games.

Check out the 18 fantastic agricultural games similar to Harvest Moon listed below and pick the one that most appeals to you.

The Farming Games Like Harvest Moon

1. Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Farming Games Like Harvest Moon
Download Story of Seasons – Trio of Towns

You act like a young, inexperienced farmer tasked with effectively cultivating the land. This game is faster than a lot of other farming simulators out there, which is perfect for those of you who enjoy farming but don’t want to have to wait long for your harvest.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is a philosophical sequel to the Harvest Moon series, and it’s a perfected continuation of the previous games. As a result, if you’re looking for a superb Harvest Moon alternative, the game is well worth checking out. You start the game as a young, inexperienced farmer tasked with effectively cultivating their patch of land.

Trio of Towns In comparison to a number of other farming simulations, the game moves at a faster pace, making it a suitable option for anyone who likes farming games but doesn’t like waiting for their crops to mature.

2. Wayward

Download Wayward

Wayward is a blend of Minecraft, Ultima Online, Don’t Starve, and a smidgeon of Harvest Moon. This is a survival game in which you must manufacture items and gather resources while maintaining your character’s continuity. If you enjoy puzzles, give this a try.

Wayward is a mash-up of several games. It’s like a mash-up of Minecraft, Ultima Online, Don’t Starve, with a dash of Harvest Moon. It’s a rogue-like survival game in which you make items and acquire resources while focusing on your character’s survival.

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Download  New Horizon


The game has adorable graphics and allows you to control your entire town however you want. In multiplayer mode, invite your friends to your town and have fun showing off your cool town. In your community, you have the authority to establish laws and regulations. You may improve your island by adding additional monuments, bridges, public facilities, and other structures.

New Horizons: Animal Crossing is a nice and interesting game. And I’m not so sure about it. The game has grown in popularity to the point where Nintendo had a blockbuster quarter based solely on the basis of this game. Check it out because it’s worth your time.

4. Moonlighter

Download Moonlighter

Harvest Moon’s replacement, Moonlighter, is a charming game. You play as Will, an adventurous shopkeeper who must run his business during the day and transform into a hero at night. The player’s job is to assist Will in exploring the Realm, defeating the enemies, and defeating the monster boss.

Moonlighter is a fantastic Harvest Moon alternative that successfully incorporates elements from the rogue-lite genre into a farming simulator. You play as Will, an adventurous shopkeeper who must attend to his shopkeeping tasks during the day while dreaming about becoming a hero at night.

As a result, you’ll need to balance both objectives effectively and play the game in such a way that all of your actions benefit both of your goals. In effect, you’ll be able to sell items you find in the dungeon at the shop and then spend the gold you make to upgrade your weapons, allowing you to clear dungeons faster.

5. My Time at Portia

Download My Time at Portia

At Portia, I spent a lot of time with a lot of individuals. My time at Portia is a great experience, much like Harvest Moon seemed to be. This game is referred to as “post-world,” in which people are trying to rebuild their lives. To add to the game’s intrigue, there are a variety of objectives and puzzles that must be solved.

My Time at Portia, like Harvest Moon, immerses players in a lovely and immersive environment named Portia, where they must restore their Pa’s neglected workshop. Players will have to complete commissions, harvest crops, and rear animals in order to do so.

The game may appear to be a bit of a grind at first, but once you get into it, you will not want to put it down. The region of Portia also has a vibrant population, and you can befriend any of its citizens, which adds to the game’s social aspect while also assisting you in completing tasks to rebuild your workshop.

You can also level up your character and train them in crafting, fighting, or social skills, depending on your preferences.

6. Stardew Valley

Download Stardew Valley

In terms of graphics and gameplay, many people believe Stardew Valley is the game that most matches Harvest Moon. This game includes features such as the Harvest Moon world, which allows you to enjoy farm life, grow crops, and marry individuals you choose.

In terms of gameplay and graphics, Stardew Valley is the only game that even comes close to Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon is taken to a whole new level in this famous indie game, which expands on the Harvest Moon formula. The most incredible aspect is that it was created by a single indie developer.

The game features an even broader globe than Harvest Moon, allowing you to live your farm life, harvest crops, raise chickens, and perform all of your favorite farm shenanigans. Stardew Valley is often regarded as the new Harvest Moon, or at the very least the closest thing to it currently available. So, absolutely give it a shot. It is one of the most realistic farming simulation games available.

7. Voodoo Garden

Download  Voodoo Garde

Voodoo Garden is not your typical gardening or farming game where you grow fruits and vegetables; instead, you get to grow all of the herbs, fruits, vegetables, and bushes that can be used in the manufacturing of occult accessories. You can also collect wild swamp animals, which you can use to make products for your voodoo magic.

You can also grow cute creatures to keep you company, which can later be sacrificed to achieve magical benefits, which seems like fun, right? This is where a typical farming game collides with magical enchantment. Try it out if you want to learn some incredible voodoo magic.

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8. Forager

Fantasy Farming is another game that was recently released and is currently in development. It’s a game that focuses on exploration and crafting, akin to Harvest Moon. What I enjoy about this game is that it incorporates the social features that made Harvest Moon so famous.

Download Forager

You can attend Town Festivals, invite a villager to hang out with you, and take part in various activities. Isn’t it eerily similar to Harvest Moon? Aside from that, you have the normal responsibilities: cultivate crops and expand your farm, raise animals, engage with villagers and establish friendships, accomplish quests, and so on.

Overall, I think Fantasy Farming: Orange Season is a good Harvest Moon replacement, and you should give it a shot.

9. Kynseed

When you’re looking for a Pc game that’s identical to Harvest Moon, Kynseed is well worth your time. The game seems to have a Harvest Moon-like setting, with RPG, adventure, and crafting features.

However, it goes a step further and includes an element of adventure. You can venture to dangerous locations and confront dark tale creatures, which contributes to the intrigue of the game. In terms of the main gameplay, you must cultivate your family’s legacy through farming your land, maintaining a company, and cultivating relationships with local villagers, among other things.

Download Kynseed

In addition to firearms, there are also many areas where you can gather materials to make beer. To summarize, Kynseed appears to be a potential Harvest Moon replacement, and you should give it a try.

10. Plantera

Download Plantera

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Plantera is an adorable agricultural and gardening game in which you grow fruits, trees, and animals all at the same time. The attractive artwork will keep you engrossed for a long time. You will expand your garden in order to attract these adorable little assistants who will assist you in planting and harvesting your crops.

You can do the harvesting and plucking yourself, or you can delegate these tasks to your helpers while you focus on improving your crops and expanding your farm. The helpers will continue to work even if you exit the game, and you will receive gold when you return. If you enjoy cute graphics, you should try this game.

You’ll never get tired of playing “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” Collecting bugs, building your paradise, and exploring the magnificent island are all part of the game. The ability to live your life to the fullest is one of the most fascinating aspects of this game.