Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Your home is filled with cherished items and memories. It’s where you feel most comfortable and relaxed, and where you love to spend your time. With that said, it only makes sense to protect it against unexpected issues and damage that can not only cause a lot of stress but also cost a lot of money in repairs.

One example of this is water damage, which is among the most destructive issues homeowners can be faced with. But is there a way that you can protect your home from this happening?

Here we’ll take a look at some simple tips that will protect the home from incurring water damage, and ensure you’re not dealing with costly repairs.

Make It a Habit to Check for Leaks

This first tip is all about being proactive. The idea is that you catch a potential problem before it becomes a leak, and therefore ward off potential damage.

Homeowners should be checking faucets, their water heater, washing machine, and other appliances on a regular basis. Look for any signs of water leaking or pooling, and make sure you address those issues immediately.

The Home Needs to Have a Sump Pump

It’s also very important that if you have a house with a basement, you have a sump pump set up there. The goal of these sump pumps is to pump out water should there be flooding in the basement. Basement flooding can happen in the spring during the thaw or after heavy rainstorms.

And it’s not just enough to have a sump pump. Make sure you maintain it and ensure it’s in good working condition so that if it’s needed, it can get the job done.

Install a Smart Home Monitoring System

Another tip is to install a smart home monitoring system that allows you to check in and monitor your home, no matter where you are. You could be at the office, visiting with friends, or away on holidays and still be able to check in on your home and have that peace of mind that all is well.

How does this help to prevent water damage? As BAZZ Smart Home points out, you can install a Smart Wi-Fi Water Leak Sensor and Valve Kit. This is a wireless water sense that is constantly monitoring for water damage/leaks.

Homeowners often put these next to a water heater, washing machine, and other areas in the home that may have leak potential. Should a leak occur, it sets off the sensor, which then initiates an alarm.

Be Mindful of Pipes Freezing

A common cause for water damage in homes is that the pipes freeze in the winter and then burst. There is a simple way to prevent this – keep your home warm enough that the pipes won’t be in danger of freezing.

For any exterior pipes, turn the water source off before winter settles in and make sure any sitting water is drained out of the pipes.

Keeping Your Home Safe and Dry

Each of these essential tips will help you to keep your home safe and dry and free from water damage.

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