Screen Mirroring – Samsung TV and Samsung Mobile device

Do you know What Screen Mirroring is? Screen mirroring otherwise known as screen casting allows you to mirror your mobile device’s content to your TV screen. Do you want to know how to use Samsung TV and Samsung mobile device as Screen Mirroring?


You will need to open the connection for screen mirroring on both your smartphone/tablet and your TV in order for the connection to work successfully.

In order to mirror the screen of your Android phone or tablet, you’ll need a device running Android 4.4.2 and above as well as a Chromecast-compatible device.

Typically, you can check the version of Android running on your device by going into Settings > About Phone and looking for Android version.

Google notes on its support page any device running Android 4.4.2 and above is capable of casting its screen to a TV, but some devices are better suited for such a task. The company goes so far to offer a list of optimized devices, which you can see here. I’ve tested devices not listed and didn’t see a drastic difference in performance, but as always, your results may vary.

How it works:

You can follow the instructions below to show you how to open the screen mirroring connection on your Samsung smartphone or tablet, and on your Samsung TV.

Types of Samsung smartphones and tablets have Screen Mirroring

There is a dedicated Screen Mirroring feature on some Samsung smartphones and tablets. But the older devices and those running operating systems older than Android 4.1.12 may not have the Screen Mirroring feature. Some newer devices will have Smart View instead of Screen Mirroring in the menu function.

The most quickest way to find out if your device has the Screen Mirroring or Smart View function is to use either one or two fingers to pull down the extended notification menu. If your device does not have these features, you may connect via Quick Connect.

Using two fingers to pull down the extended notification menu from the top of smartphone screen
Select Screen mirroring
Select Smart View

The Screen Mirroring or Smart View feature is compatible with the following devices:

Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S III , Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung 8” Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1”, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1″ 2014 Edition

Methods of Preparing your Samsung TV for screen mirroring


1.  You will need to prepare your TV for screen mirroring before you can view your device’s content.

The first Samsung TV model released to support the Screen Mirroring feature was the F range in 2013. If your TV is older than the F range (2013) then you can still use screen mirroring via an Allshare Cast or by using an HDMI cable.

  • Press the Source button on the remote.
  • Navigate to and select the Screen Mirroring source.
What is Screen Mirroring and how do I use it with my Samsung TV and Samsung mobile device?
  • Your TV will display a screen informing you that it is waiting for a device to be connected. This screen will be displayed until your device is connected.

Note: if you do not connect your device within two minutes the scan will time out.

2. You will need to prepare your TV for screen mirroring before you can view your device’s content.

The first Samsung TV model released to support the Screen Mirroring feature was the F range in 2013. You can check the age of your Samsung TV here.


  1. Select Menu on your TV remote
Select Menu on the TV remote
2     Scroll down to Network
Scroll down to Network

3   Press the Select button

Press the Select button on the TV remote

4     Scroll down to Screen Mirroring.

No screen mirroring option? Your TV may not support screen mirroring. View a list of alternative methods to view your device on your TV screen.

Scroll down the list to screen mirroring

5      Press the Select button again to turn on Screen Mirroring

Preparing your Samsung smartphone or tablet for Screen Mirroring:

1       Use two fingers held slightly apart to pull down the extended notification menu.

2    Tap Screen Mirroring.

Select Screen Mirroring

3     Your device will now scan for TVs and other devices to which they can be mirrored. Tap the TV you wish to connect to. if not not picking up your TV? Your TV must have the screen mirroring function switched on for this to work.

4     Your device will now begin connecting to your TV.

Screen mirroring connecting message will confirm.

5     Once connected your mobile device screen will now be displayed on the TV.

Examples for using this connection include:

  • – Showing pictures stored on your external device.
  • – Watching videos stored on your external device.
  • – Watching videos from apps on your external device.
  • – Playing music through your TV’s speakers instead of your external device’s.
  • – Showing people the game you are playing.

Once you begin casting or mirroring your screen, an alert will appear in your notification shade, making it possible to stop mirroring with a tap.

Note: there may be a slight lag between the actions performed on the external device and their appearance on the TV. This means you will not be able to effectively watch the TV’s screen when playing a fast-paced game.

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