VOOC Flash Charge 4

How OPPO’s VOOC Flash 4 Charging changed the smartphone industry

OPPO is always looking for ways to enhance the lives of more people. VOOC was not only invented and patented for OPPO customers, but the ecosystem has been expanded to external partners, with more than 23 companies participating to date.

The next-generation Flash Charge solution for all. More charging power than ever before.The Reno6 series, which was just released by global technology company OPPO, has the brand’s VOOC Flash Charge technology. OPPO examines its leading flash charge technology and how it continues to impact the smartphone market as a pioneer of the technology.

VOOC Flash Charge 4.0

OPPO’s SuperVOOC Flash Charge is a must-have for users who use their smartphones for active sports betting and gaming, watching videos, or creating content. It is not only incredibly fast and reliable, but it also uses the highest level of multi-layered protection, with intelligent chips protecting all key nodes including the adapter, USB cable, cellphone, and battery.

30W Wireless VOOC Flash Charge Wireless VOOC designed to meet you where-ever you are.

With the rise in popularity of power-hungry apps like games and movies, as well as widespread commercial 5G deployment, there are new expectations for mobile phone battery life and charging experiences. Today, a five-minute charge of a Reno6 smartphone utilizing VOOC Flash Charge technology gives customers a four-hour movie viewing time or 100 minutes of PUBG mobile gaming.

OPPO is constantly refining its VOOC Flash Charge technology to satisfy the various charging demands of customers in all weathers, across multiple devices, and in a variety of scenarios, as well as to ease consumers’ ‘charge anxiety’ in the 5G era.

OPPO has always been in the forefront of bringing revolutionary solutions to the smartphone market, as seen by the release of its highly anticipated Reno6 Series on September 7th, 2021. When it introduced its patented rapid changing technology ‘VOOC Flash Charge’ in 2014, the tech giant flipped the phone charging market on its head, becoming the first in the industry to provide a low-voltage, fast-charging solution that has totally altered the way we use smartphones

Since then, the global technological leader has worked tirelessly to enhance and expand its VOOC technology in order to provide millions of consumers across the world with even quicker and safer flash charging.

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VOOC Flash Charge 4.0

Levels of Protective Layering

When it comes to Flash Charge technology, OPPO has always prioritized efficiency and safety. OPPO has always applied this philosophy to the whole charging system, devoting itself to provide the most complete hardware and software level charging protection.

VOOC employs five layers of protection. The following is a breakdown of each of these layers:

First layer: On the adapter, a protective circuit eliminates concealed threat from the root, even if the internal circuit is disrupted.

Second layer: An intelligent chip that senses voltage and current to determine if a flash charge is safe.

Third layer: A second line of protection against voltage and current variations is an electrical switch on the connection.

On the cellphone end, there is a fourth layer of advanced protection.

Voltage-fusing protection is the fifth layer, which protects against departures from normal limits.

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In addition, from the adapter to the battery, there is a safety system in place. Both the device and the adapter include dedicated charging control units that monitor the condition of components in real time, including battery temperature, voltage, current, path impedance, and a variety of other factors. If any parameter deviates from the standard, the system can react promptly to prevent irregular charge.

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