Android versus iOS: Which Platforms is Better?

In case you’re purchasing another Smartphone today, chances are great that it will run Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems. These two platforms represented more than 99 percent of all new Smartphone sold in the most recent year. Microsoft has quit with Windows Phone, BlackBerry makes Android gadgets now, and there are not very many different choices worth considering.

Fortunately both Smartphones working frameworks are superb. They have much more in like manner than separates them, however there are some imperative contrasts that you’ll need to consider. We will pit Android versus iOS in a few classifications here and pick a champ for every one. Eventually, the best platform for you relies upon you. Pick the things that issue most to you.

Applications Users:

We should begin with a glance at the numbers. This is generally what number of applications you’ll discover in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store:

  1. Android applications: over 2.8 million
  2. iOS applications: over 2.2 million

The Android Play Store still has a higher level of free applications than the Apple Store. Yet, the best mobile games still arrive on iOS first and they don’t generally come to Android. Eventually, quality beats quantity and so this is a narrow win for iOS.
Honestly, numbers aren’t the best metric in light of the fact that the vast majority of us just utilize a modest bunch of applications and the most famous ones are accessible on the two platforms. Generally, iOS has been a more lucrative platforms for engineers, so there has been a propensity for new applications to show up there in the first place, however that is changing as Android’s piece of the pie keeps on developing. iOS still leads the way, however engineers somewhere else are progressively focusing on Android first.

Apps Store:

We like the way that you can purchase applications utilizing your unique finger impression through TouchID on iPhones, however you can set up a similar thing for the Play Store on Android phones with unique mark sensors. There are some flawed applications in the two stores, yet Apple is for the most part stricter about hindering certain sorts of applications. That can be something to be thankful for general quality, yet it’s a terrible thing in case you’re into something like games emulators for classic consoles. The App Store edges the win for ease of use and curated content.

It’s hard to sort out a great many applications and diversions and neither one of the googles’ Play Store or Apple’s App Store does it consummately. Generally, we believe Apple’s overhauled App Store in iOS 11 gives a superior browsing knowledge on your phone and makes a superior showing with regards to with curated proposals. The Play Store is less demanding to hunt and you can line and introduce applications from the web program on your PC or tablet.

Elective application stores and APK loading:

It’s generally simple to sideload applications on Android. Tick a container in the settings, download an APK and you’re set. There are likewise a considerable measure of option Android application stores past the Play Store, however sideloading can open you up to the danger of malware. Apple is against outsider application stores. On the off chance that you need a more extensive decision of applications and simple sideloading then your decision is self-evident.

Battery life and charging:

Both Android and iOS enable you to see your battery use initially, separated by application, however just Android demonstrates a gauge of how much battery life you have used. They both offer power sparing modes that can expand your battery life by constraining execution, network, and other power-sapping features, yet correctly how it works is by and large more adaptable on Android.

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For quite a while, Android had leverage in the charging division, in light of the fact that numerous Android phones offered quick charging capacities and remote charging. Be that as it may, Apple’s iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X all offer remote charging and quick charging. It’s important you need to purchase the quick charging connector independently, while it’s typically furnished in the container with an Android phone.
This classification is a long way from obvious, however contrasting comparatively evaluated Android phones and iPhones, they have a tendency to have longer battery life, so Android gets the win.

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OS Updates:

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Apple’s iOS offers consistent and timely software updates and security patches. If you want the same experience on Android. This is how iOS version share breaks down:

iOS 11: 49.18 percent
iOS 10: 39.03 percent
More established: 11.79 percent
Less than 50 percent of all iOS devices are now running the latest version. By differentiate, only 0.2 percent of Android devices are running the most recent Android 8.0 Oreo. This is how Android breaks down as indicated by the official Android Developer site:
Android 8.0 Oreo: 0.2 percent
Android 7.1 Nougat: 2 percent
Android 7.0 Nougat: 15.8 percent
Android 6.0 Marshmallow: 32 percent
Android 5.1 Lollipop: 21 percent
Android 5.0 Lollipop: 6.7 percent
Android 4.4 KitKat: 14.5 percent
More seasoned: 7.8 percent
On the off chance that you need the most recent features, bug fixes, and security refreshes, at that point you ought to pick iOS.



You can set backgrounds in iOS and there’s restricted support for widgets, however you don’t have anything like the same level of freedom. Android additionally enables you to set up third-party apps as your default options for some things that are still locked down iOS. In the event that you appreciate tinkering, or you need a truly unique, customized look for your home screen, at that point Android is the platforms for you.
This has dependably been one of Android’s main strengths. It’s very easy to theme your phone, you can set up the design you want on your home screen, include widgets and shortcuts, and even change your whole UI with launchers.


In case you’re searching for a device for an elderly relative, or a technophobe then you’ll discover some authority offerings on Android, however they tend to downsize what’s conceivable. Makers like Samsung additionally incorporate choices like “Simple mode” which make the interface greater and rearrange the entire experience, or you can decide on an third-party app to do likewise. There are bunches of good applications aimed for the elderly on Android and iOS.

At last, iOS is less difficult and less demanding to use in some vital ways. It’s uniform over all iOS devices, while Android is somewhat unique on devices from various makers. We additionally think iOS is not so much jumbled but rather more streamlined than most Android phones, in spite of the fact that Google’s stock Android is just as rich and open.

Calls and informing:

Basic calling and messaging functionality is great on the two platforms, yet it can confound on Android. Google appeared to be folding everything into Hangouts, which permits messages, SMS, video chat, group chat, and more via Wi-Fi or your data network. There’s additionally Android Messages, which used to be called Google Messenger, and it’s the default messaging application. To make matters worse, you’ll find numerous manufacturers get a kick out of the chance to offer their own options. Numerous Android phones accompany their own messaging and dialer apps notwithstanding Google’s messaging applications, or they dispose of the Google applications.

FaceTime and iMessage come pre-installed on each iPhone and iPad, so it’s strikingly simple to connect with your friends and family. While iMessage is very easy to use, it works best when communicating with other iPhone users. You’ll find third-party app integration, fun stickers, GIFs, and considerably more in iMessage.


The default email applications on Android and iOS are anything but difficult to utilize and speedy to set up. You can pull in multiple email accounts and view them in a single inbox on the off chance that you want. Android and iOS host an enormous scope of third- party email apps available as well. However, Gmail is a stronger default email app than iOS’ Mail. Since Gmail is the most popular email address system in the world, it makes sense that the Gmail app would be a winner. You can also add email addresses from different providers in Gmail with ease.


For sheer scale and assortment, nothing rivals Android. You can spend a ton on the off chance that you need to, for instance, Tecno Phantom 8 phones and Samsung’s Galaxy Note line coordinate Apple’s iPhone pricing, but on the other hand there’s an immense decision of ease handsets from a wide range of producers and the platforms has been intentionally improved to keep running on low-end equipment. The way that Android likewise drives the field in free applications settles on it the common decision for the financial plan cognizant.
Apple has dependably been at the best end of the market as far as valuing. The iPhone X is taking things to an unheard of level with a beginning cost of N360,000 ($1,000). The iPhone 8 Plus begins from N288,000 ($800)and the iPhone 8 from N252,000 ($700). On the off chance that you would prefer not to spend that much, at that point you can go for the two-year-old iPhone 6S or the modest iPhone. That is more or less modest you dig into the second-hand advertise.


A straight correlation of the most recent version of Android and iOS wouldn’t be extremely illustrative of a great many people’s understanding, on the grounds that most Android devices aren’t running the most latest version. The experience you get is additionally confused by the way that most Android smartphone producers include their own User Interface best of Google’s stock Android. Accordingly, there’s a significant enormous contrast between utilizing Tecno phantom 8, the infinix zero 5, and the samsung galaxy s8, for instance.

In the event that you do choose to use an Android devices, ensure you do a little research and take a look at the version of Android it runs, the manufacturer skin to finish everything, and the producer’s record for software updates.

Ultimately, different categories will be important to different people, so you should focus on the ones that mean to you and settle on your choice in view of that. In the event that battery life is best of your rundown and you need to have the capacity to modify your telephone, at that point pick Android. If security and protection are a critical factor, at that point the iPhone is the obvious choice. Both Android and iOS are mature, feature-packed platforms with far more similarities than differences, and can healthily prescribe either.



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